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About Us

Ghoyom Lebanon first Web hosting Services

Our vision is to enable millions of Lebanese People to unlock the power of Internet and give them the empowerment to learn, create and grow.

Network & Datacenters

  •    Electricity to Jounieh’s DC:
  •     Main government electricity
  •     Local generator
  •     Private generator
  •     Private UPS
  •     Internet to Jounieh’s DC:
  •     There is currently 2 links to Jounieh’s Datacenter with 20              Megabits each
  •     with 10 Megabits usable only as stated in our sheet.
  • Coolers: Our servers are under 24/7 cooling system
  • IPs: We have a good amount of IPs on standby once needed they can immediately be allocated.
  • We will also be adding a new Datacenter confirmed today in Antelias, so  we will have Jounieh and Antelias.
  • ISPs: Wise  IDM Cyberia
  • DSPs: Jounieh: Cable One redundant 2x
  • Antelias:  CableOne GDS PESCO

    Also Antelias will be available highly on local on and international

    Jounieh will only be available highly on local bandwidth.